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What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed on the blood of their hosts, and humans are their favorite snacks! If people are not available, however, they may feed on pets or other animals. Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and grow to about 1/4 of an inch in length. They have flattened, oval-shaped bodies and six legs. After feeding, their bodies swell and elongate into a pill-like form. Nymphs look similar to adults but are smaller in size and whitish-yellow or translucent until consuming their first blood meal.

Are bed bugs dangerous?

The most straightforward answer is no, bed bugs are not dangerous. However, they do bite us and feed on our blood, so their presence in homes is unwelcome. People who are allergic to their saliva will develop itchy red welts that may lead to a secondary infection, and knowing bed bugs are living in your home leads to disrupted sleep and increased stress.

Why do I have a bed bug problem?

Bed bugs are often associated with dirty living areas, but the truth is that a bed bug infestation can occur in any home. Bed bugs don’t care about the conditions of your property as much as they care that people are present. Bed bugs find their way into homes by crawling onto people or their belongings, then hitchhiking inside unnoticed. You can make contact with bed bugs in a variety of public locations including airports, dormitories, hospitals, libraries, movie theaters, museums, offices, schools, and shopping centers.

Where will I find bed bugs?

Bed bugs are mostly indoor pests and can be found hitchhiking their way from place to place throughout the entire year. While their name may suggest that they only hide out in beds, these tenacious pests will travel all throughout your home and infest multiple areas. Common hiding spots for bed bugs living in your home include box springs, mattress seams, upholstered furniture, behind light fixtures, in wall voids behind outlets, inside electronics, and in the cracks of floors, walls, and wooden furniture in your home.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?

The best way to eliminate bed bugs from your Colorado property is to partner with a local pest control expert. At Affordable Pest Control, we are committed to providing each of our customers with superior pest control services to meet their individual needs. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians always perform the most advanced, effective services. To learn more about working together to rid your home or business of ants and other household pests, contact Affordable Pest Control today!

How can I prevent bed bugs in the future?

The following tips can help you to protect your home or business from becoming overrun with bed bugs:

  • Keep bags, coats, luggage, and other personal belongings up off the ground when traveling or spending time in public places. 
  • While at work or school, always keep your personal items away from other peoples' belongings. 
  • Change and wash bedding weekly and inspect all mattresses and box springs for bed bugs.
  • Regularly and thoroughly vacuum your floors.
  • Never introduce used furniture and mattresses into your home.
  • After purchasing new or used clothing, immediately wash and dry them on the highest heat setting possible.
  • Before bringing luggage into a hotel room or other rental space thoroughly inspect it for bed bugs or their signs.
  • After returning home from traveling, immediately wash and dry all clothing on the highest heat setting the fabrics can handle.

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